This beautiful bencher is available in various formats for your daughter's special day

Laminated Birchas Hamozon

$2.50 each

minimum order of 100 pieces

A bi-fold laminated bencher
7" wide x 10" high (5" folded)

sample inside of laminated bencher


Style : G-606 Available in Ashkenaz, Sphardic and Chabad Nusach Ari


Birchas Hamozon and Al Hamichya (standard) $2.50
Birchas Hamozon and Hafrashas Challah $2.50
Birchas Hamozon and Hadlakas Neiros $2.50
Birchas Hamozon and Havdalah $2.50
Hafrashas Challah with Halakas Neiros $2.50
Hafrashas Challah with English Translation $2.50
Krias Shmah $2.50

If you have any questions or you have a different design in mind please call us at 718-438-3613